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1930s Murals


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Christ in Glory, 1931
25 Square Feet (ID#15)
Oil on gesso
3-panel wood altarpiece
Done for Rambusch Decorating Co., 2 West 45th Street, NYC.

Tile Tossers, 1932
20 square feet.  (ID#18)
Oil and egg tempera on gesso board
Hung in the office of League of American Writers, 125 E. 24th St., NYC; Later destroyed.

Mural study for a church, 1934
First Medal, Beaux Arts Institute of Design Mural Competition

3-Panel Screen, 1934
Private Collection, later destroyed in fire

The Psychologist, 1935
60" x 72"   (ID#37)
Opaque fresco on movable panel
Private Collection

Study for Hempstead Murals, 1935
Left: 15" x 27 3/4"  (ID#34)
Watercolor and/or Gouache
Right: 5" x 8"   (ID#35)
Ink on cardboard
Paul Feeley Estate

Fox Hunt Mural, 1934
200 square foot mural   (ID#31)
Oil line on canvas
Greenwich, Connecticut dining room

Studies for Post Office Mural Competition, 1936
16" x 41" (ID#42-44)
Glue tempera on cardboard
Paul Feeley Estate



Study for Grill Room of a Riding Club, 1934
Watercolor   (ID#790)
1934, Second Medal, Beaux Arts Institute of Design Competition.
Pictured in The Bulletin for Beaux Arts Institute of Design, August 1934